Control your project information Lhuna

Architects & Building Industry

The Lhuna app has been designed with the needs of architects and building industry in mind.

A deep integration with the C3A tools allows to efficiently reference the Lhuna project and partners information from within the C3Admin building tools and documents. C3A promotes and supports an integrated approach towards build design, modeling, calculations and specifications.

Migrate Excel projects file.

For some time now, the C3Admin tools come with an Excel file providing tables and a structured approach for maintaining projects and building partners. Such a personalized Excel projects file can be imported into the Lhuna database. Many of the project and partner properties defined in the file will be transferred into standard Lhuna project and contact properties, while non-standard properties will be directed into automatically defined custom properties. As such, all data contained in the projects file will upon import be instantly available in the Lhuna database.

Merge Data into Documents.

The C3Admin configuration screen lets users determine whether to get project data from an Excel file or from a Lhuna database. Once logged in to the Lhuna account, the projects there can be accessed from within the C3Admin addins.

Excel and Word templates can be configured with project property placeholders. These merge fields can be inserted into any document by simple selection from a list of available properties, both standard and custom.

After selecting a project from the list, the merge fields in the document are filled with the data from the respective project and project partners. This way, one single document template can be used to address the concerns of any project. The data from the project selected is contained inside the document, so once a copy is saved, no connection to the database is required. The document can be safely distributed.

The C3Admin Word and Excel addins contain a large amount of building related model documents with merge fields already defined. These can be instantly filled and used with data from projects and business contacts managed in the Lhuna app. Project data can also be merged into Autodesk Revit documents, using Revit project parameters. For more info about the C3Admin functionalities and C3A's integrated approach towards build design, drawing, calculation and specification, visit the C3A website.